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Proceedings for the IAU 363 Symposium will be published by the Cambridge University Press (CUP) in electronic format, available to all registered participants. Printed copies will be sent only to participants who purchased them during registration.

The editors of the proceedings will be Prof. E. Troja ( and Prof M. Baring (

All manuscripts will be collected through an online submission system. To submit your contribution, please register here:

Submission via emails will not be accepted.

Authors should take care to submit their paper to the correct Symposium number (IAU 363) by selecting it from a dropdown menu on submission.

The number of pages of your manuscript depends on the type of your contribution:

  • Invited Talks up to 15 pages
  • Contributed Talk up to 4 pages
  • Poster up to 2 pages

Deadline for submission is January 14, 2022

Since the total number of printed pages must not exceed 600, Posters will not be included in the published Proceedings but they will be made available as ‘supplementary information’ in electronic format only; they will be limited to typically 2 pages. The same holds for any contributed papers that the Editors do not select for inclusion in the printed version. This supplementary material will be posted alongside the review/invited oral presentations on the Press website.

Download LaTex style files and templates below.



View General instructions for authors of IAU symposium and a list of keywords.

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