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The official IAU publisher since 2004 is Cambridge University Press and proceedings will be published both in electronic and printed form.

The online IAU Proceedings are available at and are made freely available 18 months after publication. All volumes are also indexed by the Press in the NASA ADS abstracting service.

Annual subscriptions to the IAU Proceedings (either print, online, or print + online) can be purchased at and Individual hardback volumes can be ordered at

The editors of the proceedings will be Dr E. Troja and Prof M. Baring

Timely publication is of paramount importance as the Proceedings are sold on a subscription basis and an individual volume basis, and individuals/libraries have often paid for a copy well in advance of the symposium itself. All Authors have to deliver their completed manuscripts to their Contact Editor as soon as possible after the Symposium, and the whole editorial process must be fully completed within three months after the Symposium.

The Proceedings of the IAU Symposium provide a comprehensive overview of the field, rather than a collection of short papers that provide snapshots. Thus, the Editors will publish primarily review and invited papers of typically 10-20 pages each that summarize the main developments in the subfield over the past decade and list outstanding questions. An optional Discussion can be added. Review and invited speakers will be informed at the time of invitation of these publication requirements.

If space allows, a (selected) number of contributed papers of typically 4-6 pages will also be included as well.

Since the total number of printed pages must not exceed 600, Posters will not be included in the published Proceedings but they will be made available as ‘supplementary information’ in electronic format only; they will be limited to typically 2 pages. The same holds for any contributed papers that will not be selected to be included in the printed version. This supplementary material will be posted alongside the review/invited oral presentations on the Press website.

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